About Technologies that are offered free

CSIR-Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI), Mysore, a R&D Institution under Government of India, is devoted to food science and technology over the last six decades. The Institute holds a large portfolio of time-tested and proven technologies/processes in its knowledgebase. Many of these processes have been transferred successfully over the years to many small, medium and large scale industries.

Some of these technologies are now offered free to the entrepreneurs / groups for the manufacture of such products to generate employment, entrepreneurship, effective utilisation of raw materials and to improve the nutritional status of people.

The Technology dossiers which could be downloaded from this site include :
- Amla Candy
- Composite ragi bread
- Fruit spreads
- Ginger dehydration and bleaching
- Green chilli sauce
- Protein enriched buns
- Ready-to-use dosa batter
- Ready-to-use idli batter
- Turmeric curing and polishing
- Cereal Flakes Rice
- Refining of Millets
- Rice Milk Mix
- Hand operated papad press
- Leg operated papad press
- Pedal Operated Millet Dehuller
- Rural Compendium